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Recently an article was published in EYELINE magazine for an exhibition I was in. Here is a copy of the article. (I be Jose.V btw)





So, I haven't, and don't really ever post much about myself or my life here. I'm currently living in Berlin again, I am here for two months having left recently (everything went majorly pear fucking shaped). I was in the UK for a while staying with my uncle in Cambridge, just letting myself recover from the mess Berlin round one turned out to be.

I am staying with the lovely vee but hate not having my own space and am constantly feeling like a burden. Another contributer to this is not having my own laptop anymore and having to ask all the time whenever I want to check messages/do anything on the internet. My old mac was stolen last time I was here and since its been gone its felt like a phantom limb.

I have gone through two and a half men since being here and have yet to find true love.

One has broken my heart and set me up for future failure.

I miss Australia even though I hated it when I was there. When I was in Cambridge all I could think about was coming back here, and now I am here I want to go back. I wish I could have the best of both worlds.

I want to grow up and become a house husband making art in my home. My home will be in a clearing in the forests around Berlin. I will have three adopted children. The oldest will be names Agatha, she will have platinum blonde hair. The middle child will be an Asian girl and I will call her Sadie. Finally, our youngest child will be a coppery red head boy with ringlets, his name is Felix. I will never let my children play in direct sunlight so as not to tarnish and burn their beautiful young skin. They will be brought up agnostic, bilingual and each learning an instrument. My husband will love me and protect me, we will never fight and I will give him everything he gives me, which will be everything I want.

Good bye, Keep my SECRETS safe.


soundtrack to the movie of my life

soundtrack to the movie of my life

my movie soundtrack

Opening Credits:
aqueduct - hardcore days and softcore nights

Waking Up:
beck - chemtrails

the smashing pumpkins - rhinocerous

Falling In Love:
fiona apple - o'sailor (album version)

Getting Laid:
cat power - breathless

Fight Song:
marilyn manson - i put a spell on you

Breaking Up:
PJ Harvey - to bring you my love

Mental Breakdown:
portishead - silence

the presets - black background

peaches - felix partz (remake)

Taking Drugs:
comfy in nautica - panda bear

Getting Fucked Up:
the great below - nin

fascination street - the cure

Morning After:
kate bush - aerial

kylie minogue - better the devil you know

Having a Child:
mika - relax (take it easy)

Having an Abortion:
ten in the swear jar (xiu xiu) - famine

Death Scene:
Eternal Wind - Square Enix Final Fantasy Remix

Funeral Song:
space lion - yokko kanno

End Credits:
gang gang dance - gods money V

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I was in an exhibition recently called renovare
My work was a collection of flowers I have found discarded in cemeteries throughout the city I live in.
Along with my work there was a window projection by Cait Foran, a halway calico cavity by Courtney Coombs, and a LOVE sign on the roof by one of the curators, Stephen.

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